Friday, 1 December 2017


Today we went to the Movies to watch Wonder.When I walked to school I was so excited because when I was watching the trailer of wonder I was so excited that the movie will be lit.When we got to class the teacher told us to get into groups and everyone has to put their lunch into 1 persons bag.When we lifted the bag it was too heavy because It was filled with drinks lollies and Chocolate and also chips.When we were on the bus we were singing so loud.When the Movie started we all started eating and we couldn't watch the movie because the lolly wrappers were to loud.
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Something I enjoy how there were people who cared about August and backed up for him when there was kids bullying him.I really enjoy that part because it can inspire others to help others out and care for others.
My favourite part in the Movie was when there was a fight and August kicked the bully in the leg and then they ran away.I like that part because it is entertaining and people know August can fight.
The key message out of the movie is Accept people for who they are no how they look.It means we shouldn't judge people by how they act or look we should or appreciate each other because we are all the same.

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  1. Hey there Aumau, my name is Billy from the Summer Learning Journey programme. We hope that you will be blogging with us this summer and learning about New Zealand's history.

    I am yet to see this movie but I have heard it is really good but also sad. Did you prefer the movie or the book?

    I hope to see you blogging with us soon,