Friday, 9 November 2018


Today I was just adding the photos to finish off our piece of work. We were all done with the text but all we needed to do today was too add pictures. I really enjoyed today's task because I completed it in the time we were meant to complete it in. Next time I could put in photos that relate to the task, cause the photos I used are beach related, well some of them.


Today for maths we did a grid. A grid is when you get questions and each has a letter, when you get the answer to the question you find the answer on the grid and place your letter on it. I really enjoyed it because it was very challenging but easy to do at the same time as well. Something I did not enjoyed was trying to get the answer done as fast as possible, but the faster I went it made me muck up sometimes. The sentence that was spelt out at the end was"EACH YEAR INSECTS EAT OF THE WORLD'S FOOD CROPS". What I found challenging was trying to find the answer to the question, but then it started getting a little easy for me. Next time I could practice more to get faster and faster. And when I do that I could try and solve it in my head.
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Wednesday, 7 November 2018


Today we went to the Sylvia Park Hoyts Cinemas to watch other schools films. I really enjoyed walking past people I know from other schools. I saw a couple of friends that I know and they were waving to me. When we got inside it was really dark, before the films started there was girl from Panmure Bridge explaining to us about the Manaiakalani. It was Manaiakalani 11'th anniversary. Something that I didn't enjoy was that I heard people talking behind me and it was too loud. Something I really enjoyed was watching classes from our school films.Image result for manaiakalani

Monday, 29 October 2018

Flag Football

Today was our first lesson of flag football. I really enjoyed it because back when I went to the states whenever we went to a field always say people playing football. Our instructors name were Karl and Will. We started off with a exercise, we had to get in a circle and whenever Karl yells out Chop it up, we have to sprint on the spot and when he says break it down we stomp on the ground and say "HOO". We had to keep going inside cause it kept on raining while we were playing.

What I found challenging was trying to make the ball go to the place I want it to go. Next time I could probably work on my accuracy and my aiming skills.

Reading Test

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Today we had a reading test and I was really nervous. When the test had started I was really scared because the story started off with some big words that I never knew about. But as I were reading those words in a sentence it made it more easier for me to understand. During the test I was really doing well until I struggled at this 1 question. I was stuck on it for around 10 minutes. But I had to read it 10 times just to get the answer. 
What I found challenging was trying to get the test done as fast as possible. Next I could maybe really think about the question before I answer it. 

How has cars changed overtime?

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Today we were given a assignment to discover how Technology has changed overtime. We had different options to choose between. Me and My buddy decided to choose cars. We were so shocked when we had found out that the first car didn't have a roof and it wasn't as fast as I thought it was. Cars changing overtime has affected our lives cause because it is able to take us to places faster than walking.

A challenge I have found through this assignment is trying to find more facts and history about the different cars. What I have found really fun was being able to put our own thoughts and also buddying up with someone I dont really talk too. He is really amazing and unique in a good way.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Abstract art

WALA: The Technology's we use for Abstract Art

Today for our next lesson for our pre visit for te tuhi. First we had to name down what technologies we use when we are creating art. We came up with lots of ideas like pens, pencil, colored pencil, art pencil and also art pen. Today I learnt that some technologies aren't electronic. For example a spoon is a technology but does not require power to use unless it is a electric spoon which I haven't heard of.
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I also learnt the technologies our parents used way back in the centuries and the technology we use nowadays. Nowadays we use Xboxes, Playstations, IPhones and Samsungs. But back in the days they had Snakes and ladders, Nintendo, Nokia and Telephones. Technology has made a big difference to the world.