Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Today for the Morning block we were doing some P.E to get our brains energised for the day. First we had to run around the bike track non stop. I found it really challenging because that is not what I usually do. But as I was running I was creating a paste that I can go with and that really helped me to complete a whole lap. After running around the bike track we went to the top courts and started to do some exercise. Our first exercise we did was walking lounges and I found it really cool. The second exercise we did was side shuttles. I found it really tiring but fun at the sametime.

After all our exercises we did golden child. Lucky for me I was the last runner which means that I was golden child. Once everyone had their turn running it was up to me to make the team win or lose. As I was running I kept looking at the hoop to see if any one got it in but then we made it to the finish line.Image result for running png

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


IALT: Find a easy and effective way to figure out the answer

For maths we were learning about improper maths. I had a head start because I have learnt how to do it in the past. When we were given our worksheet I got straight on to it and started figuring out the answers as fast as I can. In the worksheet we had to try spell out something but to get the letters we had to figure out one of the problems. I have got all the letters to the sentence but as I was reading it, it didn't make sense. It said "France was the greatest roaf". I was really confused but I don't have enough time to go over it and fix it.
Image result for maths
Something I enjoyed was that I knew how to do it and I wasn't really confused with what the Teacher was telling us. Something I need to work on it being able to go slow so I am able to rethink my answer and then write it down.

Rugby Training

IALT: Work on protecting the try line

Last night we had training and for training we were doing fitness. For fitness we were doing something called Broncos. In broncos there is a set of cones than we have to run to and back. The first cone was 10 metres far, the second cone was 30 metres far and then the last cone was 50 metres far. We had to run to all those cones and back, and we had to do it under 6 minutes. I finished 3rd and I was really proud of myself for not walking the whole time. After we did doing Broncos we had to work on our defense line, and during that little drill we had to protect everyone from scoring the try. When the biggest runner in out team was running, everyone was scared so we ran the opposite way. Then we ended training with a little speech from the coach.
Image result for rugby training
I really enjoyed that I was able to break lines and also getting my tackles. What I didn't really enjoyed was always being really scared of the big runner.  Something I really need to work on is not being scared and trying to find a easier and effective way of tackling big people. Next time I can probably practice and practice to get better.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Tuakana Teina Day

Yesterday for Tuakana teina room 4 and 5 came to our class. Room 4 came to our class first. There were only a little of them, so our class had to buddy up with someone from our class so the numbers can be even. Then we got to pick our buddy, and we chose Pauliasi. We chose him because he is really funny and also fun to work with. We were given a task so we can learn more about our buddies. Something I learn from Pauliasi is that his favourite colour is blue because he likes the sky and also our birthdays are on the same month. Then after that we were playing a Cook Island quiz. We got given a piece of paper with some questions on it. There were papers around the classroom with our answers on it.
Image result for tuakana teina
After room 4, room 5 came and we were playing the Cook island quiz as well. My new buddie was Joshua and he was really funny. He knew so much about the Cook Islands that we hardly went to the walls looking for answers. I really enjoy how I got to spend sometime with the junior classes, and I also really enjoy being able to have something in common with them.

Kiwi Sport

For our first lesson of kiwisport we we were doing boxing. I was really happy because this is the first time I have ever did boxing for school. When we got down to the hall our instructor was already down there waiting for us. Our coach's name is Coach Pax. The first thing we learnt was, was our stand. Our stand name was called "Rock Solid". To get into that possession we had to stand still with our feet together, and then we had to fall back and whatever leg made us stand back up is our stand.
Image result for boxing png
The next move that we learnt was the Jab and the Jab is when you throw a punch with your uncomfortable arm. I found it really easy at first but as we kept punching my kept getting sorer and sorer. The next move we learnt was the accross. The across is when you punch with powerful hand. It was a really cool move. Then we did the jab and across together and we started to create a combo. The challenge for me was trying to not stop because my arms were getting tired. Another challenge for me was trying to punch softer and faster.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Natural Disaster

Image result for earthquake
Today we were learning about what an Earthquake is. I've learnt that a Earthquake is a sudden violent shake underground. It is a movement with the earth’s crust or volcanic action. Did you know that The most common cause of earthquakes are the Tectonic plates. When they bump into each other it causes underground vibrations. There are three different ways for plates to interact with each other. In a normal Fault, the plates are separating. Here are some Effects of an Earthquake.

  • Houses can break down
  • People can get injured
  • Peoples powerline can come off
  • Your T.V or your devices can crack
  • You can get squashed by falling objects

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Natural Disaster

                       WALT:Research about Tornadoes
On the 25th of July 2018 at 12:22 Pm at Tamaki Primary School, I was researching about Tornadoes and how it is formed. I have learnt lots and lots about Tornadoes. A challenge that I have found throughout this discovery is trying to find out what us humans are trying to prevent this from happening. Next time I can probably research deeper into what I am learning about.