Monday, 30 April 2018

My first blog reflection for Term 2 2018

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In the school holidays our family didn't really do that much but we did go to a few places that was very cool. The first place we went was Ice skating but we went on anzac day, when we got there it didn't open until 12 o'clock so we just went to laser tag which was right on top. After having a few rounds of laser tag it was so hot so we kept playing until the Ice skating was open, then we went ice skating and it was really nice and cold and it was like being in antarctica. But the next day we went to the movies and watched rampage which was really funny with the ape.

This term I am looking forward to Camp because camp is a experience that I finally get to spend more time with my friends and teachers. This term I would like to improve on my maths. I want to improve on my maths because when I grow up I would like to work at the bank and at the bank there is lots of adding and multiplying with numbers. To become a good baker I will need to practice everyday and also to become very good at maths my friends could always support and help me to become the best. Image result for Banker png

Friday, 13 April 2018

Ako Evening Preparation

On Thursday it was a special day because we had our Ako Evening. Before we had to start working on our topic we had technology, first thing in the morning. When we came back from technology it was morning tea. Then we came back inside and then we had to finish up on our inquiry work. And me and my group was finished so we decided to start working on our speech when adults come and it was hard because we were using Miss Komor as a adult. It was really funny because we will always get it wrong and sometimes we always forget to greet them. But something I learnt from that is that we make mistakes and that we can learn from it.
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When it was the last block we were spending most of the time finishing of work or setting up the tables for the night. But since we were finished we decided to start decorating our table so when people come in they walk straight to us. Then everyone got to go home and then when I was gonna go back to school I got told from my parents that we had to go to church but I was sad because I didnt wanna miss out on the Ako Evening. But this morning when I came to school I got lot of people talking about what happen last night.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Tai Chi

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In the first block we had Tai Chi and I was so sad because today is our last day of Tai Chi for this term. When we got down we all looked outside and some of the trees were knocked out and some even went on the road. As we got into our lines for our tiger and crane forms we got asked for our manuals and most of us forgot because we all left it in our locker and forgot we put it there. When we got into our sharing circle I had to go first again, when I was gonna explain my positive and negative part Mr Gordon sent me to the middle .

As I was standing in the middle he was saying some of our breathing exercises and when I did it he gave me a compliment. And there were four, one was Excellent, another was Very good, Good and lastly improving. This term i've learnt to be brave and always to be aware. I've learnt to trust myself more and be able to connect with my body. 

A story that really helped was a story about a boy called Toa. Toa left school when he was 15 years old and start working as a landscaper when he was 16. He was one of Mr Gordon's helper and he was always on time for work, always taking extra shifts and also doing jobs without people asking him to. To me this doesn't mean to leave school when your fithteen it means to always have the right attitude and being able to focus. Something I can take from this lesson is to always believe in myself and to trust others.

Monday, 9 April 2018

VolleyBall Reflection

In the morning block we had Volleyball training because our volleyball tournament is tomorrow which was pretty stink because we only had 1 day of practice. I was really happy because today we are practicing for volley this whole day. When we got to the courts we did a few warm ups just to get our body energized and ready to play. As soon as we started playing some people were confused about the rules and also confused about how to play. As we were learning the rules she said some that I got confused about. 1 rule was that you can't hit the ball more than 3 times, you can't hold the ball or carry it, only six people on the court and there has to be at least 2 girls and also we can't spike or block the ball when opponent hits it. When I heard that we weren't aloud spike I felt confused because usually on a game there's a lot of spiking but they probably said that so no one gets hurt.
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In volley I learnt that it's better to control the ball by setting it instead of digging it which had helped me alot. During the game I think I was very good at saving the ball sometimes but sometimes I need to work on controlling the ball and that's a skill most of us need to work on. To make our team a better team is to be able to communicate because if we dont then we don't know what the other person is thinking and then we might mess up. 2 star players I found working very hard today was Mahara and Grace. Mahara, because he doesn't really know how to play volley but when we were playing he was giving it 100%. I also chose Grace because she was always supporting people and even trying to get to the ball even if it is not near her.

Talent Show Practice

On Thursday the 5th of April the Kia Manawanui was hosting a Talent Show to fundraise for our Camp. Before the night we had to perform, I was very nervous but excited at the sametime. I was nervous because I might mess up a move and ruin the dance but I was excited i'll get to have fun with my friends and also to make my family proud. When it was the next day (Talent Show Night) I was super nervous because we only had 1 block to practice and only 1 chance to get it right before the night. When it was our turn to go on the stage for dress rehearsals I felt really calm at first but when I picture in my head how many people there were gonna be I just got to scared and started messing up the moves. But then we got to do it again and on the next time I just cleared everything in my head and this time I just started to have fun and give it all I got. Later on that day we had to clean up the hall, set up the chairs and also hang balloons, and then it was time to go home and get prepared for the night.
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On my way to school I decided to pick up a friend so I have someone on my side and that I wont be nervous. Once I stepped in the school hall I already felt butterflies in my stomach and hammers in my head. While me and my group was getting prepared we noticed that one of our group members wasn't here getting dressed but he was outside playing around. We needed to think of a plan because that one person affected because we had 5 people in a group and 2 people on the other side needed to be together and the other 2 were together and there was one in the middle. But since he left we were uneven. So we needed to come up with a plan, then my friend pointed out that 2 people should be in the middle and there will be 1 on each side.

Then it was time to start the performances and I was very scared. I went to have a peek in to the hall and it was full of people like I was in a concert. Then it was the first performance and the first performance was the kia manawanui syndicate. We were singing/dancing to a song called This is me, that we really practice hard for. When I got up I was so nervous because I was in the front row and I if make a mistake then I will make our performance look unpolished. After our performance we had to go in to the music room and we had to wait until it was our group to perform. The part of the night I never liked was that we weren't aloud to watch our friends performances but we were aloud to watch General Fiyah performances which was pretty cool. Then it was our group's turn to perform and when we got on stage everyone was cheering and clapping then the song started and we were scared, we mucked it up a little at first but everything went well. When we did our first dance move every started jumping around and cheering and I felt so happy.Image result for talent show

Then we performed our This is me song/dance and then the night was over, people started taking photos, some were buying food and others were on there way home. I felt really sad that the night ended and also really sad that we won't get to practise anymore. But I was really happy that we were still able to fundraise a lot of money and also happy that I was enjoying that moment with my friends and family.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Pita Bread Sandwich

Today for technology we had to make Pit Bread Sandwich. I was so excited because I have never had pita bread before. When we had to slice the pita bread to open it up I felt scared because I might rip it apart. And when I tried opening it the sides started to rip apart but it was OK because I can use some of the filling to block it up, which was kind of being tricky. Something challenging was that I had to do was try fill the pita bread with lettuce and tomatoes with out ripping it.

When we were adding the mayonnaiseT I left it in my bread for long because I had to cut some more stuff, when I ate my sandwich the bread was kind of soggy but it was ok because it still tasted nice. Next time I could maybe wait until the end then ill add all the ingredients at once.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Today for the morning block we had kiwisport and Volleyball. Home Group 1 went to Kiwisport while we went to Volleyball. We did Volleyball because next week on Wednesday we have a Volleyball tournament. When we got to the court we had to stand on the yellow line and start to shuffle to the right and then jump and then keep shuffling. A challenge that I had to accomplish was to make sure that I am jumping at the right time with others. After we did our shuffling we had to get into a group of 6 and go to the Volleyball court so we can start practicing our bumps. When I was trying to hit the ball it always keeps going high but not far. So next time I will make sure that I am aiming before hitting the ball.
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After we had Volleyball we had to go to Tennis which was 20 metres away. And for Tennis we were playing 1 v 1 but in teams. In my team it was me Toma and Tevita. In the other team it was Akanesi,Aletheia and Teresa. While we we were playing the other team kept on cheating so we had a professional Coach(Peter) to watch our game and then the game was actually fair. Our team won with 68 points and the other team lost with 61 points but it was a tough match.

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