Sunday, 25 February 2018

Sponge Roll- Technology

Today we had technology and for technology we were making SPONGE ROLLS!!. While were making our sponge roll I was struggling to use the measuring cups.I was so excited when Miss Tuipulotu told us that we will be adding whip cream and chocolate syrup in it.Something I found very challenging was trying to un roll the sponge cake.Something I really enjoyed was eating it(ofcourse) and being able to know how to do it.
Here is how you make it:


  1. 4 eggs
  2. 1 cup of sugar
  3. 1 cup of flour
  1. Whisk the eggs and sugar over a hot pan of water until the mixture is light and creamy
  2. Then use an electric mixer to mix the eggs and sugar (wait until nice and fluffy).
  3. Then add your flour in and start mixing until the flour is dissolved.
  4. Place your mix into your tray and bake at 150 degrees for 6 minutes.
  5. When finished wait until it cools down then try and roll it up.
  6. Let it cool down again then try and unroll it and when you finished add whip cream and then roll back up again.
  7. THEN ENJOY!!!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Te Tuhi- Reflection

Image result for Te tuhi
Today we went to Te Tuhi to perform our role plays.In my group it was Me, Kensington, Aletheia, Patience, Mason and Fea'o but Kensington never came. When we were at Te Tuhi we noticed that it was very quiet so we had stay quiet as well. When it was our turn to perform I was so nervous but when I saw a friend of my talk confidently I wanted to be like him so I did the same. 

After the role play we went to the art room to do some work.We had to cut out some papers related to the role play who have did. Our role play was the 3 little piggies.Something I found challenging is was trying to speak the right volume that people can hear me. Next time I will work on projecting my voice.

Bio Poem

Today I will be talking about what my strengths are and what type of family I come from. Something I found challenging was think of my strengths and what I was scared of. Next time I can work on being able to see the words while adding photos.
 Here is a DLO about myself.

4 Walls

Today I had learnt about the 4 walls.And where is the best place I can use them all at the sametime. I was workin on how I can improve this side of my self.
Here is what I have did.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Dog days

Today I was reading the book Diary of a wimpy kid. While I was reading I had to do a follow up task. The book was really funny but interesting at the same time. I really enjoy what kind of characters were in the book.The main character of the book was Greg Heffley.What I found challenging was reading the hard words that were in the book. Something I can wok on is being able to get fluent with the words inside the book.Here is my Prediction before reading the book.

Tai Chi and Kung Fu

Today we had Tai chi and Kung Fu. The name of our instructor was Mr Gordon. Mr Gordon has started Kung Fu in the 1900's. He has had black belts and has taught his daughter his special techniques. He has his own secret stances that can help him. We were told to stand in a straight line and to make sure you can not touch anybody. We started of with some breathing exercises that will help us relax. Then we had to lie down and put our feet together and try lift it up 35 millimetres.I found that very challenging because I don't usually exercise and im new to doing this move.After that we had to sit in a circle and we played an activity called "Reflection". In the game we have to stand up and say your name and then say one positive thing that happened and one negative thing that happened.

Then we had to say what random act of kindness you have done. I went second and I said my name and my favourite food was K.F.C and I hate brussel sprouts and then I forgot to say my random act of kindness.Random act of Kindness means doing something before someone tells you to do it.After that activity we had a word of the week and it was "RESPONSIBILITY". He told a story about someone who isn't responsible. Being responsible means able to have others to rely on you. Being responsible also means to have someone's trust for example if someone lends you their video game you have to be responsible and give it back how it was or better. One of the moves I learnt was the crane. TO do the crane you have to go on one leg and make sure the leg thats off the ground is bent.

 The second move I learnt was called the tiger pushing the mountain.To do that you have to form your hands in to tiger claws and pretend your pushing a mountain. The third move we learnt was protecting the heart. All these moves are important because it can help you protect yourself from danger.If someone comes and tries drag me to the park and they are squeezing my hand I can do one of the moves to break out and be free. I can also teach others what I have learnt so they can be more interested.

Monday, 19 February 2018

P.E/Kiwisport Reflection

IALT:Improve the on aiming in Tennis
Today we had Tennis and P.E.We had to go into our home groups and home group 1 went to tennis while home group 2 went and did some softball. Before we were doing softball we went and did some fitness.During fitness we were learning how to bat and we learnt how to improve our skills.After our fitness we went and played a little game of softball.When we were playing it was our turn to bat and when we looked at home group 1 we were swapping and we didn't have a chance to have a bat.So we walked to the top courts and we were learning all about tennis. In tennis we had to go find a partner and my partner was Toma. I chose him because he is really funny.

Image result for Tennis png

We had to go stand the opposite side of each other and start doing some rallys.While we were doing our rallies we always lost our ball because we were bating it to hard. After that we had to pick out a card and whatever number is there is the amount of hits we have to do in a row. Something I learnt was 1 hit isn't a rally and that tennis isn't that hard. Something I need to work on is aiming because whenever I hit the ball it goes to someone else.