Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Maori Language Week

IALA:The maori language week
Today we had an assembly about the Maori Culture.Today was very amazing cause I learnt new Maori songs like Miss Kyla's Matariki Song.As we were singing the chorus she taught us it was Inspiring me to create a song of my own.When we were singing the boys that were behind me was singing very loud and Kind of put the song of.The Highlight for me today was seeing different classes go up and showed what they learnt from the maori language week. The part I didn't like the most is that our class didn't present anything but its ok.Next time I can learn more about the maori culture and 1 day I might be representing them as my hobby.
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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

New Zealand Celebrates Maori Language Week

IALA:The Maori language week
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Te Reo is Being Celebrated in New Zealand.The theme for this year is Kia ora te reo Māori which means, “Let the Māori Language live”.I've learnt lots about the Maori Language and it has helped me to learn new Languages.Ko Te whanau He tonu which means family is forever.Maori Language Week is about raising awareness about te reo in New Zealand and promoting the language.

According to Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori – the Māori Language Commission 130,000 people have conversational fluency, 300,000 are learning at school and 10,000 are learning in tertiary education.This Thursday, September 14, marks the day in 1972 that the Māori Language Petition was delivered to Parliament. The petition, initiated by activist group Nga Tamatoa, contained more than 30,000 signatures, and paved the way for Māori language to be taught in schools.

Blog Commenting

IALA:Other people's Blog
Today I was looking for other people's blog to comment on.Then I saw my friend next to me commenting on my blog So I decided to comment on his.I looked over his blog and I saw one about his Culture and his ancestry poem.I really enjoy reading his blog because it is enjoyable.That part I found challenging was reading the sentences on his blog that doesn't make sense.The Part I like the most is that he liked the comment I wrote and he learnt Something from it.The part I never liked is that I struggled reading his sentences that never made sense.

Blog Commenting

IALA:Other people's blog
Today I was Waiting for Miss Shearing to come so I was looking at other people's blog and I started Commenting on them.It was a very fun Experience because I get to see my friends learning from a different school.I really like commenting on other people's blog because it can help us get along with people from other schools.The part I like the most is that they can comment on my blog to.The part I like the most is that I got to know more people.The part I don't like the most is that it is very hard to find someone's blog cause you don't know there name.

Friday, 8 September 2017


IALT:Get Better at my Multiplication

For maths I was practicing my multiplication by starting from 1 going all the way up to 12.When I got the cards to do maths instead of doing maths we were playing last card and go straight of task.When we got of Task my teacher asked all of us how many blog do we have for September and we are all meant to have 6 but I only had 5 so this is my 6th blog.For maths I was trying to get better at my multiplication by trying to get the answer under 3 seconds.Most of the time I got it under 3 seconds but the hard ones I almost got it under a minute.The challenge for me today was trying to get under 3 seconds and getting better and better.Next time I can get a friend to help me get better and better.The part I never liked the most is when I kept on failing.

Hurricane Irma hits Caribbean

IALA:The Hurricane that happened in Caribbean
Hurricane Irma has caused a very big destruction in Caribbean. More than half of the island’s three million residents were without power as Irma caused heavy strong winds. People have said that power could be cut off for more than 3 weeks.
The most Atlantic powerful storm in a decade had wind speeds of 295 km h.The small island of Barbuda is said to be “barely habitable” while officials warn that the French territory of St Martin is almost destroyed.
Throughout this article I Felt very sad that some people can die.The part I felt happy is that not that much people died.Next time I can check the weather if there's a storm heading this way.

Tongan Language Week Assembly

IALA:The Tongan Language
On Thursday the 7th of September we had a Tongan Language Assembly.After morning Tea we had a Whole school assembly.When we went to the hall there was no more seats for our class because it was full of parents cheering.I was so hyped because I knew this assembly was going to be lit.When we sat on the floor  we were all squished against each other and there was no pathway for the people to go up on the stage.When it was my friends turn to perform they were doing their ancestry poem.

Their performance had the loudest cheer out of the whole assembly.After the assembly we were called class by class to go and eat at the hall.When it was our class turn half of the table was gone and it was like we were eating the kids leftovers.After we ate we had lunchtime and It was like around 10 Minutes.