Monday, 20 November 2017

KiwiSport-Run,Jump and Throw

Today for Kiwisport we were practicing on our Shotput throwing.We were practicing with mini soccer balls.The aim for us today was trying not to throw the ball like you're throwing a tennis ball.We have to place it under your jawline and right under your ear and push it off your palm.While we were throwing my arm started to hurt because I kept throwing it wrong.On our next ball it was a bit heavier even though it was smaller than the mini Soccer ball.When I looked around I saw everyone doing it wrong they just wanted everyone to see how far there one went.
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But I threw the ball right and I was doing the right thing.Even though I threw it small I was proud that I know I can do better.Throughout this experience I was happy that I made good metres with the ball.The part I like is that I know that I was doing the right thing.The part I dont like is that my friends around me were doing the wrong thing and when I told them do the right thing they continued on doing the wrong thing.Next time I can keep practicing and get better and better.The part I found challenging is trying to throw farer than I threw before. 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Te Tuhi

Yesterday we went to te tuhi and I was so scared because we had to do a roleplay that we never even practiced for.I was so scared that I didn't even wanted to go to te tuhi.I really enjoyed how I didnt think about our role play on the bus because there was to many fun and singing that I never felt scared anymore.While we were singing I was thinking about how our play is going to go.When we got there we sat down and we were waiting for our instructor Salome to come.Once she came we went to the auditorium to do our roleplay.Once we went inside we were all surprised because everything was dark and there was lights facing the middle and chairs in a semi circle.When the first group went up to do there role play I was so scared that we would be next.When the first group was up they weren scared and they were confident.So I decided if I was there I wouldnt be scared.We were the last group to go up and I wasnt scared at all.When we finished I was happy that we finished and I was proud of myself for giving it a go and not being scared.

Monday, 6 November 2017


Today for kiwi sport we were doing Run Jump and throw.When we got their we were a bit to early because Room 10 was still having their time.But as I was watching they were doing relays and I was so excited because I like to run but in my own time.When it was our turn we started of with a warm up.Our warm up game was called Maui Matau.Maui means Left and Matau means right.We all had a long stick to hold.When the leader calls Maui we let go of our stick and try grab the stick on you left.When you fail you are out of the game.The point of the game is trying to be the last one to drop the stick.While we were playing I got confused and when the leader called Matau I went to the left and got three other people out including myself.

After our warm up we went and practiced on our start when we race.We got a few tips on how to run faster and also how to push yourself of the ground faster.While we were taking some tries of running I realized that I was beating some of my friends that I couldn't beat before.After that we played relays.Our team was very good.In my team was Sene,Leilani,Akih Alone and me.When we had to run even farer my team chose me to go but I was so scared that I might make my team lose and they might get angry at me.But at the end of our session everyone was a champion.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Today for maths we were doing word problems to solve.During this experience I was really frustrated because as I was explaining how I got the answer to my pairs they kept on questioning me that they couldn't understand what I was talking about, but I would agree with them because I was talking way too fast for their ears.During my maths my friends kept on talking to me which made me not do enough work.The part I like was being able to finish the first two questions.The part I found challenging is solving part 3 and part 4.Next time I could move away from my friends.
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Today we had to do a Writing test in the morning because we never did it yesterday.I was very scared because I wasn't prepared and my head was hurting a little bit.When I was starting I didn't know what we were writing about because I never read the whole thing.But lucky my teacher was there to show me what we were meant to write about.While we were doing our test my friend Metui was making me laugh.The part I very like is finishing my test before we had to go outside for morning tea.The part I found challenging is thinking of good words to put in my text.Next time I could practice more about my language features.Image result for writing

Monday, 30 October 2017

KiwiSport(Jump,Run & Throw)

Today for kiwisport we had a new Sport.It wasn't really a sport it was more much like practicing our running and Jumping.I really enjoyed that I got to experience something new and something that I thought was crazy.When we got down there I saw the same teacher that I saw on Red Nose day during our activities.We were all surprised because we never knew that he will be there.For our first game we played a game which there are 2 teams and four hula hoops on each corner.In the corner are 5 cones.The point of the game is to go to the other team and steal there cones and bring it back to you hula hoop.During that game I was so happy because our team won.The part I like the most is winning all the challenges and also learning new games I can teach my pairs at church.My next steps are to think deeper into this sport.

Thursday, 26 October 2017


Today for Maths I was doing some activities that were in the maths basket.The first activity I did was a place Value game.I really enjoyed that game because when ever my pairs would ask me a question I will always get the answer under 3 seconds.This game has helped me to solve harder problems that I couldn't solve before.The next game was a hard game because it was fractions but I still gave it a go.I was always struggling but by the help of my friends they made it easier and easier for me.Throughout this experience I learnt that you don't know if its hard if you haven't actually tried it.The part I really enjoyed was being able to solve problems I couldn't solve before.And I was really happy so next time someone asked me a question I will be able to use my place values skills to solve it.The part I found challenging was working on my fractions because i've never tried really hard fraction, but I still managed to get it.The part I didn't like was when I didn't have enough time to play the next game because I was to busy blogging my work.